Saturday Sailing – Supervisor Resources

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This year we have created an online form which we would like you to complete after each session that you run.

The form prompts you to input all the information needed to get consistent reporting.  The data is written automatically to a spreadsheet.  This is then available to you so that you can see what other supervisors have been doing and whether they have had any problems or opportunities.

The form and spreadsheet are available through links downloaded from the members only online services.  Click here to access online services or use the drop down menu on the home page.

Sign in with the email address that is used to send club mailings to you.  Click on the document option on the front menu and scroll nearly to the bottom of the list.

You will find the Saturday Sailing Form & Report document.  Download this and save it to your PC or other device.  This contains the links required.

Please take the time to do this.  We hope that it will provide all Supervisors with better information and give a better more consistent feeling to all sessions.

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