Saturday Sailing – Race Training

Saturday Sailing – Race Training

6 Saturdays have been designated for race training.  The format for these saturdays is similar to normal Saturday Sailing race days, the difference is that these on these saturdays we will have an official coach, Karl Thorne.

Members may choose to attend as if it were normal saturday sailing but we hope they will chose to participate and get as much as possible from the coach.

Over the 6 saturdays, the coach will follow the syllabus set out in the RYA Start Racing course.  Each day will start with a briefing about what he is expecting to cover that day.  After sailing there will be a debriefing session.

You can use your own boat or the the club boats in the normal way.  You can also use a single hander or a 2 man boat.  Normal saturday sailing rules and protocols apply.

We would like some idea of who wishes to participate and so ask you, if possible to register online.  To do this go to the online services menu or click here.

In filling out the form, it assumes that you are sailing a double hander.  If you are sailing a single hander then please ignore the crew section.

There will be a debriefing session once everyone is ashore.  This will enable you to get feedback from the course coaches.


The dates are:

The dates for 2019 will appear here shortly.