Lymington Town Sailing Club provides year round sailing for all different types of boats, from cruisers and dinghies down to radio control yachts.

For dinghies, Club racing events and series take place on Sunday mornings (all the year round), and on Wednesdays (between April and November). Club members are also welcome to join the RLymYC Monday evening dinghy racing.

In addition, the Club runs Saturday Sailing – which is a less formal race series designed to encourage new dinghy sailors and allow others to sharpen their skills.

There is an active cruising section with a full programme of meets from overnight to multi-night trips and every Wednesday the Meanders bring together members for local day cruising in keelboats.  Races are scheduled throughout the year and the Solent Circuit series is held towards the end of the season.

Radio controlled yachts meet on Tuesdays throughout the year.


The club is very fortunate to have an exceptional location, the infrastructure and facilities to get our members on the water in many ways. So whether you are 5 or 85, family or individual, beginner or experienced, racer or pure leisure, we want to provide our members with the opportunity to get on the water and enjoy what is on our club doorstep.

If you are thinking of joining, or an existing member and have not managed, for whatever reason, to get afloat or get involved, and would appreciate some personal direction, simply get in touch. Call the office or drop an email and one of our team or experienced members will contact you directly

Below is a summary of how you can do that, together with contact details.


Activity Details When
Try sailing We can arrange taster sessions with experienced members who volunteer using their own or club boats. As agreed or during an organised session
Start sailing -courses * We have RYA instructors who can provide formal or informal coaching. Saturday mornings
Start sailing – crew Our Saturday Sailing session is designed as an informal sailing session where new members can join in as crew and gain experience on the water. Saturday afternoons (Mar to Oct)
Refresher courses * We have RYA instructors who can provide formal or informal coaching. Saturday mornings
Family Sailing A dedicated session designed to allow families, parents and specific groups to sail with full safety boat cover and instructors on hand. Sunday afternoons
Informal sailing Our Saturday Sailing session is designed as an informal sailing session where new members can join in be that as crew or helm using their own or club boats. Saturday afternoons (Mar to Oct)
Club racing For those who want to get into racing we have a very active race schedule. Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings
Power boat – club We undertake training to power boat two level for those who wish to volunteer for safety boat activities. As arranged – mail for further details
Power boat – RYA * We also run RYA training courses with special rates for members. As arranged – mail for further details
Volunteering Our club is driven by volunteers and the opportunity to get involved, be that on the water, on land or in the club is always available. Great way for new members to get involved. All year
Other training We also undertake other training sessions at the club which may be something specific such as ‘start racing’ or training related to a specific boat. We also run RYA courses for many areas in sailing, yachting, First Aid, etc. As arranged – mail for further details
Yachting – informal We have a group who meet weekly known as ‘The Meanderers’. Includes an informal sail, lunch, the odd drink and a leisurely sail back. Wednesday
Yachting events The club organises a full schedule of yachting events both cruising and racing. We have one of the best cruising programmes on the South Coast with 12 cruises during the season ranging from weekend local trips to a two week foreign cruise and of course there is the Solent Circuit and Cruiser Racing Series events available to those who like to race. As arranged – mail for further details

*Paid activity – please email for details


Children’s sailing activities at the club have been developed significantly in recent years and we have now developed a pathway for children from five upwards to get on the water. Those activities are split between two sailing areas, those being Salterns Sailing Club, which is an inland lake behind the sea wall in Lymington and at our own club, LTSC, which is a recognized RYA training centre. Boats are provided for these sessions although this is limited, hence sharing and rotation is often required. To allow relevant activities and informal coaching, we separate the children into three groups. These being:-

Group Details
Group One : Includes our older more experienced children who have completed RYA courses or attended our Saturday morning sessions and received the Gold Award. Whilst age is not the driver here, the children in this group will usually be at least 8 upwards. This group sails at LTSC during a dedicated session on Saturday morning between 9am and 12, April to October, weather permitting. It is run by qualified RYA instructors, supported by assistant instructors and covered by an appropriate number of safety boats for the number of children.
Group Two : Made up of children who have begun to gain some experience and understand the basics. Having initially taken the children through familiarisation and getting them comfortable with the water and equipment, we try to begin light coaching techniques to allow development. It is still a fun session and not too serious as the objective here is to allow the children to develop basic skills and genuinely enjoy being on the water. This session is run at Salterns Sailing Club on Saturday morning between 8.45 and 10.30, April to October.
Group Three : This group includes our complete beginners and/or our very young aspiring sailors. It is more about play and familiarisation and allows children and parents a chance to get a sense if sailing and getting on the water is something for each child. The objective here is pure enjoyment, fun and creating the basis to move them into group two. This session is run at Salterns Sailing Club on Saturday morning between 8.45 and 10.30, April to October.

For those children attending Salterns Sailing Club in groups two and three, a payment of £32 per year per child is required, which is a fee we pass directly to Salterns Sailing Club for insurance purposes.

Other activities for children at the club include activity days where we do craft, games, treasure hunts on the river, model boat building and racing followed by a children’s lunch. We also do Easter Egg hunt, Christmas party, awards ceremony where each child receives certificate for the year and family sailing on specified Sunday afternoons. Finally, we have Fun and Fizz Fridays which is basically a great start to the weekend, starting at 5.00 and held every other Friday, includes kids fun on the lawn, kids films on the big screen in the lower deck bar, special menu options from the galley and a regular special offer on Prosecco….hence the ‘fizz’!