The Club has an enthusiastic and active dinghy racing section. We race all the year round - up to four times a week during the Summer - as well as hosting major open events.

Club racing events and series take place on Sunday mornings (all the year round), and on Wednesdays (between April and November). Club members are also welcome to join the RLymYC Monday evening dinghy racing.

In addition, the Club runs Saturday Sailing - which is a less formal race series designed to encourage new dinghy sailors and allow others to sharpen their skills.

To take part in any LTSC organised club race all you need to do is complete a Contact Sailing Experience Form ( and if under 18 a Parental/Guardian Disclaimer Form) and pass it to the Sailing Secretary. Thats it ! When you plan to race put you details on the "signing on" sheet that will be posted on the notice board in the changing rooms. Please remember to sign off when you get back.

If you plan to do any racing with the RLymYC, you will need to follow the appropriate entry procedures.

All dinghy racing events are listed in the Calendar. The calendar entry will also include links to the appropriate documentation including the Notice Of Race and and reports or results that are published afterwards.


Open Events

The Club has a long tradition of hosting open events. These range from open meetings such as the LTSC & RLymYC joint Lymington Dinghy Regatta on 15th & 16th July, the Merlin Rocket Silver Tiller and Scorpion Open on 2nd & 3rd September and the Lymington River Scow National Championships on 16th & 17th September, to long distance races such as the Christchurch Ledge Race on 4th June and the Newtown Race on 9th July.

Lymington Dinghy Regatta 2017   15 & 16 July

All dinghies are very welcome to the 2017 Lymington Dinghy Regatta, run by Royal Lymington YC and Lymington Town SC.   For fleets of 8+ boats, the clubs propose to have a class start.  Depending on entries, the following starts are likely to include - Fast Handicap (PY up to 970), Medium Handicap (PY 971 - 1183), Slow Handicap (PY 1184-1500), Merlin Rockets, RS400 (part of Southern Tour), RS800, RS700, RS Aero, Lymington River Scow, and Lightning 368.

Full details are here.



Fleets, classes & handicaps

Within the club we race a wide variety of dinghies - with the choice reflecting the varied diversity of classic and modern dinghies available on the UK dinghy scene.

We split the various boats into fleets into three bands using the Portsmouth Yardstick Handicap system. Fast, Medium and Slow. The handicap bands are selected in order to give best possible racing by keeping boats with similar speed characteristics in the same band.

Dinghy Park Regulations and Application Form 2017-18

Dinghy Park Charges


Saturday Sailing and Dinghy Cruises

Every Saturday from April until November (unless there is a regatta or Club training) there will be Club organised sailing.  This my take the form of either group sailing on a Saturday afternoon or an all day dinghy cruise, check out the calendar below to see what is on when. Meet at the Club at 12:30hrs for Saturday Sailing and at 09:30hrs for Dinghy Cruising.

Saturday Sailing and Dinghy Cruise Information

2017 Saturday Sailing and Dinghy Cruise Calendar

Club Boats

The Club has a small fleet of boats that are available for members to hire.  The fleet includes four RS Visions, two RS Quests and 2 Picos.  These can be hired by members who have a minimum of the RYA Dinghy Sailing Level 2 certificate or equivalent. The fee for hiring the boats is £25 for either a morning or afternoon session.  However, members can join the ‘Vision Club’ to benefit from a substantial saving.  For details on the ‘Vision Club’ and an application form please click the link below.

Vision Club Application Form 2017 April