Children and Family Sailing

Lymington Town Sailing Club welcomes families and children.  We have a number of ways of enabling them to participate, both a a family as a whole and for the children in their own activities.

  • Children at Salterns Sailing Club
  • Saturday Sailing
  • Junior Racing
  • Training Courses

This is designed to give a pathway for the complete beginner through to cruising and racing.  We have have children who attain entry to regional and national squads whilst also participating in the more social atmosphere of club sailing.


Children at Salterns Sailing Club

The first step towards teaching your children or grandchildren to sail in Lymington could not be easier or more enjoyable. We believe that Salterns Sailing Club provides you with all the key components: shallow water, a range of boats to sail and row, and even an island or two to sail around.

The Lymington Town Sailing Club has a reciprocal arrangement for its members with Salterns Sailing Club. Any LTSC member’s child or grandchild, aged 6 to 16, can join Salterns as an associate member for a fee of £32 per child. These places are limited and subject to availability. Younger siblings can also join once they reach 4. Between the ages of 4 and 6, children are only allowed to crew the boats. From the age of 6, they can also learn to helm.

The LTSC Associate Sessions take place on Saturday mornings from April to October. The sessions are very informal, and whilst we do have some organised coaching activities in place, parents can actively get involved in coaching their own children in the Optimists, Scows or rowing boats.

Also, we will plan a number of separate family days at the club which will be a combination of activities on the river, in the sea baths and within the club itself. Given that we are now an RYA approved training school, we do have formal training dates available for those parents who would like to get on the water and improve their sailing techniques. Similarly, if any beginners would like a taster session, I’m sure I can arrange this within our Saturday Sailing program.

If you are a member of LTSC and would like to be added to the distribution list for family activities, please contact Tony Evans for further information. Similarly, if you are interested in Salterns associate membership, please contact Tony Evans or collect a set of forms from the LTSC office. .

The first session for the Associate Group for 2017 will start in April and the season will finish in late October.


Saturday Sailing

Saturday Sailing takes place on most Saturdays from April to October.  The exact dates are shown in the events calendar.

The sailing is supervised with both a Saturday Sailing Supervisor to determine and oversee the days activities and Ribs to assist with safety.

The activities are are in 2 basic forms:

  • Simple racing to introduce members to dinghy racing in a low key environment.
  • Relaxed but supervised  sailing in the local marshes and Western Solent

Club boats are avialable and some club members will need people to sail with.  The Supervisor will assist in ensuring that everybody gets afloat.

Club boats can be booked by members for Saturday sailing through the Vision Club in the normal way.


Junior racing

There are a number of days scheduled in the summer, either side of the summer holidays, to make a junior race series.  The exact dates are in the events calendar.

These races are held in the more protected environment in the mouth of the river and provide an introduction to competive dinghy sailing within their own peer group.



Lymington Town Sailing Club is a recognized RYA Training Establishment and provides a range of courses and refresher sessions.