Return to Sailing Yachts v4

Return to Sailing Advisory Guidelines – Yachts

In response to the easing of lockdown restrictions the LTSC Executive has issued the following guidelines for those that wish to sail their yachts independently.

As always, the Skipper remains solely responsible for all planning, preparations, assessments and decisions. At this time, every precaution must be taken to avoid placing any burden on the emergency services.

The emphasis is on personal responsibility and considering the impact on others:

  • Do not attend the club or go sailing if you have or have been in the company of anyone displaying symptoms of Covid-19.
  • During the Covid-19 crisis, all Government, RYA and Harbour Master latest rules, advice and recommendations to be observed at all times. Note 1
  • Do not raft against other boats until advised otherwise by the RYA or Harbour Master.
  • Skipper’s on-board safety briefing to include Covid-19 specific requirements.
  • When on a boat with crew from multiple households:
    • Keep above deck as far as possible and observe the current social distancing rule.
    • Only 1 person below at a time.
    • Wash or sanitise hands thoroughly and frequently.
    • Sanitise toilet area and all contact points after use.
    • Observe the current social distancing rule whilst on pontoons and ashore.
    • Lunch on deck.

Note 1: these links will be helpful:

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