The Club pontoon is available to support club activities and for club members short term mooring their own boats.

The pontoon is managed by the Club under license from The Lymington Harbour Commissioners. Infringement of any of the rules included in this document could cause the cancellation of that license.

The Pontoon

The club pontoon is the final 34m of the southern end of the Harbour Master’s Pontoon after the “Members Only” signage.  There are five berths and a short stay area available for members use.

There are three mooring areas on the outer river side:

Berth 1/1A – Inner and Outer (10m max)

Berth 2/2A – Inner and Outer (13m max)

Short stay area (15minutes maximum) to support loading/offloading, hosing off.


There are four mooring areas on the inner bank side:

Fortuna – Club Launch

Falcon – Club Rib

One only small Club Safety Rib

Berth 3 (10m max)


Rafting is allowed on berths 1 and 2 up to a maximum beam of 6.7m which is quite modest.

Rafting is NOT PERMITTED on the inner bank side.



There are three mooring time slots each day 10:00 to 13:00, 13:00 to 16:00 and overnight 16:00 to 10:00 the following day.

Members should book via the Members area of the Club website.

There is no charge for members using the daytime slots. However there is a modest charge for the overnight slot. Wherever possible members should book via the website and pay via credit or debit card.

Members can purchase an annual Pontoon Season Ticket. These permit members to have unlimited use of the pontoon, subject to limitations, for the year 1st April to 31st March for the cost of 12 times the overnight rate. The season ticket is again available from the Members area of the Club website.

The charges will be shown on the Club website.

All stays on the pontoon must be pre-booked including all club sailing and training activities.

Cancellations can be made by members online.  Your booking fee will be returned to you on your Club Membership Card if you cancel at least 24hrs in advance and apply to the office with a copy of the original booking confirmation.


Stay Limitations

The Club pontoon is a valuable resource that should be available fairly to all members.

The maximum single stay permissible via the booking system is 2 nights which gives a maximum stay of 10:00 day 1 through to 16:00 day 3.

A maximum of two nights (which need not be consecutive) is permissible within a seven day period.

A maximum of FOUR future overnight bookings will be allowed per membership. Any additional bookings may be cancelled without notice. Additional future bookings in excess of four may be agreed by a Flag Officer.

Boats must completely fit without overhang within the berth. Therefore the absolute boat sizes are 10m for berth 1 and 3 and 13m for berth 2. Please note the maximum combined raft beam of 6.7m for berths 1 and 2.

Fresh water is available from standing taps, but no hoses are provided.

Members and their guests may stay on board overnight.



If any member should infringe these Operating Protocols, they may be given a written warning. If they continue to behave in an unacceptable fashion, pontoon booking may be withheld.


Author & Owner: Pontoon Co-Ordinator (currently Rear Commodore Cruising)

Version 2020.4

Agreed by Exec June 2020