LTSC Update 10.06.20


Hi all

Hope you are all very well.

Firstly, I have to echo Gareth’s request below to clear the club lawn and front area. Apart from some current boats which are awaiting the new racking, we are keen to keep the lawn as clear as possible, and maintain a clear area where members can rig boats and also meet. Secondly, we have some important changes to pontoon bookings to ensure it is as fair as possible. Full details are covered by Len in Yacht Cruising News below.

I was delighted to hear this week from my very favourite volunteer bar team Sarah Unsworth and Sue Sutherland……when they aren’t serving Guinness in the Lower Deck Bar with questionable clover designs on the head, they also happen to be pretty good solicitors.

Sarah and Sue wrote the following. ‘Pinky McPinkface may not feature on the water much this year because of Sue’s chemo, but that doesn’t prevent Sarah and Sue from making plans. Our scow may be beached on Sue’s front drive, but it seems like a good opportunity during lockdown to unlock the cocktail cabinet and consider next season’s sailing themed cocktail menu. Salty dog, anchors away, bright and breezy, dark and stormy ……the choice is endless. We recognise that it might be suggested that our time could be better spent sorting the rigging or honing our tactics, but why change the habits of a sailing lifetime………’

….and following their contribution I had to republish the pic below…….the caption we originally applied was ‘how many solicitors does it take to work a till’?

Repetition alert!…… We ask again that members who are dinghy sailing to strictly follow government guidelines, consider the potential impact on others and adhere to five simple steps:-

  1. Rig safe – ensure safe distancing both in the dinghy park and on the lawn when setting up your boat. Bring and use soap hand sanitisers as required. If you find someone next to you in the dinghy park has already started rigging their boat, please take your boat to the lawn or other area before rigging, to ensure safer separation.
  2. Launch safe – when leaving the dinghy park and using the slipway, please ensure safe distancing guidelines apply at all times. Try to leave your trolley in the safest area and only stack when free space is no longer available.
  3. Sail safe – single hander sailing or helms and crew from the same household and advise sailing in a vicinity close to the end of river. Ensure a friend or relative is aware of your launch and intended return time and also letting them know when you return. Sailors to take either handheld VHF or mobile phone in waterproof bag afloat. Recommended to stay in the area specified in detailed guidelines. In the event of a serious emergency whilst afloat please follow normal procedures i.e. making a Mayday call on Channel 16 or Calling 999 and asking for the Coastguard.
  4. Return safe – when returning via the slipway back to the dinghy park, please ensure safe distancing guidelines apply at all times. Be mindful of minimising contact with other trollies and surfaces when retrieving your boat.
  5. Leave safe – Use all available washing facilities to ensure safe distancing in dinghy park. Ensure all boats, trailers and any other parts that remain in the dinghy park are thoroughly washed down. Bring and use soap or hand sanitisers when leaving the dinghy park.
Additional information can be found by clicking here.

Quick usual prompt for our local suppliers. Local Chandlers Nick Cox and Yachtmail are both now open so please do support them where possible. Similarly, we are pleased to promote one of our own trade suppliers Aqua Plumbing continues to offer boiler services, plumbing, heating, bathroom refurbishment and call-outs from across the New Forest, in accordance with government guidelines. Full details of all partners below.

Finally, rumour has it that Gareth may have over done it on the dinghy park applications…..

Have a great week all.


So, how are we?

The lockdown is gradually being eased and some of us are able to visit our boats or even go out for day sails, but we are all being very cautious following all the regulations, social distancing and placing no calls on the emergency services.

But what do we want from “Our Club”? The Zoom meetings, activities and quizzes have been great, but do we need to move these on a notch?

I would suggest that many of us join the club for a combination of reasons, but I am sure that a major one is to meet likeminded friends and enjoy shared activities. I would therefore like to suggest two activities, both of which will require strict compliance with current government guidelines:-

A) I like to go Meandering on Wednesdays and then Helen and I often go to the Club on Friday lunchtime to catch up with the gang. Even when the weather is particularly bad for Wednesday Meandering we often have members arrive at 09:30 for a chat and perhaps a coffee. So, what if we sailors agreed to meet at say 10:00 on a Wednesday by the bandstand on the Lymington Green, Bath Road. Bring your own chair plus any provisions and beverages that you fancy and we can have a socially distanced chat with groups not exceeding 6. With all the recent developments there must be ample scope for putting the world to right. Similarly, what about the same arrangements for an alternative Friday lunch for members with or without partners? Can I suggest that we try both of these from next week.

Wednesday & Friday Zoom meetings will continue whilst they attract active participation.

B) Some boats can legitimately operate with single household crews, others are considering some shorthanded and socially distanced day sails. Would we like to combine this into a son of Meander activity? By default, I would suggest Wednesdays, but now that our early summer appears to have deserted us, let’s agree on a day each week dependent upon tide and weather.I do apologise to those members who do not have a regular crew slot and cannot be included in the second option. But again, I ask what do we want from “Our Club”? For example, are there any training courses that we can organise for you?

Pontoon Booking Changes:
In order to ensure equitable access to the club pontoon by all club members the following restrictions have been agreed by the Executive Committee:-

  • The maximum single stay via the booking system is 2 nights.
  • A maximum of two nights (which need not be consecutive) is permissible within a seven day period.
  • A maximum of FOUR future 24hour overnight bookings will be allowed per membership.
  • Boats must fit within the berth. Therefore, the absolute boat sizes are 10m for berth 1 and 3 and 13m for berth 2. Please note the maximum combined raft beam of 6.7m for berths 1 and 2.

The full pontoon regulations can be found in the Members area by clicking here.

DINGHY NEWS: Gareth – RC Sailing

The dinghy park reshuffle continues at a pace and we hope to be completed soon. There are a few Aeros and a Laser on the lawn at the moment because they have been displaced while new racking is being built. There is also a 49er which is to be collected shortly having spoken to the owners. LTSC are happy for people to use as a place to rig up, but I have to reiterate that THE LAWN AND FRONT AREA IS NOT FOR STORAGE.

If you need to utilise the lawn for any more than rigging the boat that you keep in the dinghy park at LTSC, if you have brought another boat to the club to use for the day or for any reason need to leave a boat on the lawn overnight, YOU MUST EMAIL and request permission.

We are still in the planning process with regard to releasing the club boats and will update again next week, but needless to say we are trying to get them back in service as soon as possible.


Coffee mornings continue on Monday and Thursday at 10am. Every Thursday the theme is “share a picture or photo” which generates all sorts of tangential conversations. The first and third Monday of the month is “Knit and Natter” although all crafts are welcome!

Congratulations to quiz winners last Friday Heather and Stuart Crisp and runners up Chris and Jackie Barr. Thank you also to Sylvia Pepin and Sue Beech our quiz masters. Chris Barr did volunteer as quiz master for the next quiz on Friday 19th June, but will now be quiz master for the following one as he has double booked with a sponsored walk. We are therefore on the lookout for a quiz master for the 19th. Technical support and some question banks are available.

Book Club discussed “Enchanted April” last week. There was an “it could only happen in lockdown” situation where exactly half the attendees clicked on to find themselves in one meeting while the other half were in another – all on zoom 1! We sorted it out eventually. Does anyone have any “it could only happen in lockdown” moments they would like to share on the newsletter to give us all a laugh? If so, please contact me – with photographs even better! The book club meets next on Wednesday 15th July and will be discussing “Little Fires Everywhere” by Celeste Ng. All welcome. This is also being serialised on Amazon Prime.

We continue to follow Government regulations and other guidance in developing ideas on how social events can return to normal, or at least the “new normal’. If anyone has any ideas, they would like to contribute to the mix please contact me directly or through In the meantime, see you on zoom! If you have any ideas for activities as we come out of lockdown, or you would like to be a quiz master, or you have any banks of questions you can “donate” for a quiz, please can you get in touch with me directly or email

The Club has set up an online video and video-conferencing account that all members can log into via PC or suitable mobile phone. We have two accounts set up, these being:-

LTSC Zoom 1:
Click on link:
Or via Zoom App:  Meeting ID: 749 319 8579

LTSC Zoom 2:
Click on link:
Or via Zoom App:  Meeting ID: 281 803 9925

Please note that all get togethers are on LTSC Zoom 1 unless noted.

  • Morning Coffee – Monday and Thursday between 10 and 11am with various hosts. The first and third Monday in the month will host “knit and natter” (other crafts welcome!)
  • Cruisers Chatter – Wednesday and Friday at 12 noon – Host Len Tuffill and friends
  • Yoga with Ali – now moved to 9.15-10.15. Beginners and returners – Host and Teacher Ali Herbert
  • Virtual Regatta Club Racing – Wednesday – meet on the virtual lawn at 8.00 pm and races start at 8.05 pm
  • Pilates – Thursday 6-7pm – hosted by Terry, our regular LTSC Pilates coach
  • Friday Quiz Night – Next Quiz Friday 19th June at 7pm. LTSC Zoom Room 1 –
  • Kids@LTSC online – Saturday 9.30am – one hour zoom session separated into groups
  • Virtual Lower Deck Bar – as and when with times posted on social media – get your beer or wine and catch up – various hosts.

Lymington Town Sailing Club – Bridge Group

Are there any other LTSC members who wish to join our Social Bridge? Contact Lynda to find out more.

Bridge co-ordinator – Lynda Evans – 07875 676098 –

HOUSE NEWS: Paul – RC House

When I volunteered for the job of RC House, folk wished me luck, with a glint in their eye. The job was supposed to be very challenging! So far it has been anything but, as we are grounded by this damned virus. The great weather makes the situation even more frustrating as we are unable to serve thirsty and hungry sailors, mainly thirsty, and their supporting crews.

Consuelo, Trish and the Galley team will be back at work as soon as we get the go ahead from government to open. Most recent proclamations suggest that we are looking at the first half of July at the earliest. We will only open when we are confident that we have done everything that we can to keep the team and members safe.

Exactly what the service will look like is not clear but we are already thinking about one way systems, restricting the number of people at the bar and galley service point, reducing the number of tables available, making payment easy with minimum number of card touches and adjusting service for more takeaway/outdoor eating. We will of course be guided by government restrictions and best practice from the hospitality industry. We may get guidance from the RYA too!

In the meantime, when you are down at the Club enjoying sailing and apres sailing chat, please remember to act responsibly with social distancing in mind and if you do take a drink or snack with you, please help to keep the club litter free. Updates to follow as and when we have them!

Club Partners and Local Business
Given the current environment it is important that we support LTSC partners and local businesses as much as possible. With that in mind I’ll use these updates to provide some regular links and promotions where applicable. I’ve noted some details of these below:-

  • Nick Cox Chandlery. Our convenience store remains open from 8.00am to 4.30pm on Mon to Sat and 8.00am to 1.00pm on Sunday for food, groceries, alcohol and calor gas. CHANDLERY – NOW OPEN! The downstairs of our store is now open for chandlery & hardware. Please note for the safety of everyone, we are operating strict social distancing in-store and limiting the number of customers and amount of time spent in store. We hope to re-open the first floor clothing area on the 15th June.
  • Sanders Sails. Open for drop off and non face to face collections. Call 01590 673981.
  • Plants, Shrubs and Gardening supplies. Online ordering and delivery:
  • Wines, Spirits and Beers. Online ordering and delivery:
  • Fruit and Vegetables.  Phone order and delivery:
  • Coffee. Online ordering and delivery:
  • Orchids. Andy Burton, a club member, runs Double H Nurseries in New Milton who normally supply to supermarkets including M&S and Waitrose. They have some very good prices and can deliver anywhere in the UK, perfect to brighten up your ‘work from home desk’ or send to friends and family to cheer them up. All details can be found on their website
  • An amazing range of fresh foods, home cooked pies, delicatessen and much more. Please email or call 01202 482797 and we will send you our full product and price list of the items. Deliveries available.
  • Lanes of Lymington. Fine Dining Deliveries with a sample menu below. Dishes will be prepared cooked and delivered at an agreed time. 24 hour notice is preferred to check time availability. We are also catering for meals that are chilled. These can be re-heated for convenience or even frozen for future days. These include Fish Pie, Chicken Curry and rice, Cajun chicken, Salmon and Pork. Desserts are also available. Prices are subject to dishes chosen. All dishes will change from time to time so when an order is requested, I will confirm directly back. Payment can be either with credit card, bank transfer or cash, please call 01590 672777 for more information.
  • Aqua Plumbing & Heating Services continues to respond efficiently and safely to boiler service, plumbing, heating and bathroom refurbishment call-outs from across the New Forest, in accordance with government guidelines. With COVID-19 precautionary measures in place, our reliable and friendly team are working to ensure the protection and well-being of both customers and staff. Offices open 8am – 5pm, Monday to Friday with 7-day call-out service for existing customers. Call 01590 671875 or visit