LTSC Update 20.05.20


Hi all

Soooooooo good to see members back at the club and on the water! Great to also see some of our younger sailors on Zoom on Saturday morning joining in with the Dougal Harris ‘dance and sail’ session, which I think could become a staple part of our future warm up routine when we do get back on the water. We also had quite a few parents joining with some very suspect dance moves……you know who you are and can I suggest a bit more practice!!

A big thank you to all our members who have adhered to our guidelines and advice during the re-start of sailing….very much appreciated and please continue! The importance of social distancing cannot be overstated and the Executive will take all measures possible to protect the Club members from contracting COVID-19 while undertaking Club activities or on the premises. We are in regular communication with both the Harbour Master and RLYC to ensure we have as much consistency as possible in our approach and messaging.

Our very own Clare Sleigh dropped me an email this week, as a member, but also wearing her NHS hat. She reminded me that infection prevention is the goal and not simply making sure that people are separated by 2m. This is done in the NHS by breaking the chain of infection through a variety of means, of which social distancing is only one. Hand washing with soap and water for 20 sec, hand gels, reviewing processes and how you work or socialise in the environment, are also vital to control and minimise the spread of the virus and other organisms.

With that in mind, we continue to stress the importance for all members to take additional personal responsibility now that restrictions are being lifted. All we ask is that members strictly follow government guidelines, consider the potential impact on others and adhere to five simple steps:-

  1. Rig safe – ensure safe distancing both in the dinghy park and on the lawn when setting up your boat. Bring and use soap hand sanitisers as required.
  2. Launch safe – when leaving the dinghy park and using the slipway, please ensure safe distancing guidelines apply at all times. Try to leave your trolley in the safest area and only stack when free space is no longer available.
  3. Sail safe – single hander sailing or helms and crew from the same household and advise sailing in a vicinity close to the end of river. Ensure a friend or relative is aware of your launch and intended return time and also letting them know when you return. Sailors to take either handheld VHF or mobile phone in waterproof bag afloat. Recommended to stay in the area specified in detailed guidelines. In the event of a serious emergency whilst afloat please follow normal procedures i.e. making a Mayday call on Channel 16 or Calling 999 and asking for the Coastguard.
  4. Return safe – when returning via the slipway back to the dinghy park, please ensure safe distancing guidelines apply at all times. Be mindful of minimising contact with other trollies and surfaces when retrieving your boat.
  5. Leave safe – Use all available washing facilities to ensure safe distancing in dinghy park. Ensure all boats, trailers and any other parts that remain in the dinghy park are thoroughly washed down. Bring and use soap or hand sanitisers when leaving the dinghy park.

Additional information can be found by clicking here.

LHC discs are available from the office with collection times next week being Wednesday and Friday, between 9.30 and 12.00. If you would like to pick up your discs during these times, it would help if you would drop a mail to advising that you require your disc and on what day. When you arrive at the club simply knock or ring the buzzer, then return back to the tarmac drive. We’ll get your name, find your disc and drop it on the club steps, using gloves, for safe pick up.

All zoom activities continue as normal with this week’s quiz being hosted by Pam and John Martin. We DO need any other potential quiz hosts to step up if possible and we can provide all the necessary technical support so fear not about that bit. So, if you do wish to volunteer just send a mail to The wonderful Peter Bruce will be hosting another talk in a couple of weeks and more details in Len’s words below. The next RIB and safety update will be on Thursday May 28th at 7pm. Full details of coming weeks activities below.

Stay safe, follow the five LTSC steps and look after each other!

Have a great weekend.


Hello again, it’s now been 9 weeks since the last cruising newsletter.

Sailing: Good news bad news: The good news is that from Wednesday 13th May, the Lymington Harbour Master advised that the Lymington River was once again open to leisure sailing. The bad news was that given the ongoing need for social distancing, many skippers still cannot sail if they rely on crew who are not members of their household. One of our skippers commented that two of his crew were on the vulnerable list whereas the other two were just decrepit.

Some of us sail single handed or with our better halves so we are looking for opportunities for these lucky people to sail together. However, as we cannot stay on our boats overnight, outings will be restricted day sailing only. Please contact me if you would like to be included or help with the arrangements.

I therefore suspect that our boats are likely to get the same care and attention that our gardens have enjoyed over the last two months. For us river dwellers, this may mean increased use of the club pontoon.

Pontoon: Some of you may have heard or seen that Baverstock lost her fore mast in the recent heavy winds and that it is currently moored on berth 2 of the club pontoon awaiting repairs. Berth 2 is the only berth that accepts boats up to 13m loa. We have therefore positioned Baverstock so that berth 1 will accept boats up to 14m loa. This may cause some difficulties in booking, if it does please email and someone should be able to help you. Berth 3 remains available for booking and should not be used by safety ribs.

On an associated subject, the club tender is due to go on the water in the HM’s dinghy area by the slipway. If you wish to use it, please drop me an email and I will tell you where you can find the oars.

Social: Zoom lunchtime chats continue on Wednesdays and Fridays with a good turnout. I am sure that you will all have enjoyed Peter Bruce’s talks on Solent Hazards. Peter is a true gentleman, is an immense pool of knowledge and enjoys a good story or three. I am therefore delighted to advise that Peter will be talking again on Thursday 4th June on Heavy Weather Sailing. Many of you will know that his book of the same name is now in its 7th edition.

The Yacht Cruising Committee are still actively engaged in arranging Tech Talks and Cruising Suppers for the coming autumn and winter series in anticipation of some form of normality being restored.

Whatever sailing you manage, please ensure that your craft is in good order and complete your preparations to the highest order so that there are no calls on the emergency services, and you enjoy great safe sailing!

Stay safe and keep in contact,
Rear Commodore Cruising


Firstly, a huge thank you from us all for the volunteer party of helpers who have been helping re-shuffle our dinghy park this week and to Nick and Richard for their hard work designing our extensions to the racks for Lasers and Aeros. I think nearly every boat at the club is now in the allocated space and the theoretical plans for creating more spaces seems to have worked well in reality. The new prototype ramp design for accessing the upper rack seems to work well and the new upper rack prototype design looks great. Upper Rack trolleys will sit on their wheels now not on their axels and there will be no bump in the ramp so access will be so much easier than the current system.

Two important decisions were the fulcrum of the dinghy park re-shuffle.
1). Create more space for more boats.
2). Try to keep classes of boats in close proximity to both create space, but also build strength in the classes.

We as a club want to have more members; our members want to have more boats, so our dinghy park had to grow in capacity some way. By adding the racking, we have gained spaces by moving lightweight single hander boats that can drop their masts on to racks. By moving similar smaller boats together, we create more floor space in the rows.

Keeping classes of boats together works with appointing Class Captains within the club, I am hoping that Class Captains can help find on ways to encourage more activity, find out who is struggling to get out sailing and see what we as a club can do to help them get out on the water more often.

Hopefully, through this we can also encourage more training and coaching to improve skill levels for all those who wish to try and get more from their sailing.

Another huge thanks has to go to our LTSC Sewing Bees who have been buzzing away on their sewing machines keeping our Lymington District Nursing team in Scrubs. The nurses are going to get a photo together of their team to say a big thank you, but they are currently rarely in the same place at one time and this is proving hard to organise. Sarah Richards, Heather Chipperfield and a friend of Sarah’s Claire Sowry have been a huge help sourcing fabric and organising the deliveries and collections, big thanks to George Richards and Robin Milledge who have been doing all the drop off’s and collections too.

I really look forward to the bar at LTSC being re-opened so we can all get together with our Local District nurses and have a drink to celebrate the hard work we have done.

The fundraiser within the LTSC for buying the materials to build these scrubs has surpassed even my wildest expectations. What a wonderful membership we have, we have raised nearly £2,000.

Rear Commodore Sailing

Events and Social News

The Club has set up an online video and video-conferencing account that all members can log into via PC or suitable mobile phone. We have two accounts set up, these being:-

LTSC Zoom 1: (note – password will be added to this from next Monday and update on Friday update)

Click on link:
Or via zoom App:     Meeting ID: 749 319 8579

LTSC Zoom 2:

Click on link:
Or via zoom App :     Meeting ID: 281 803 9925

Planned ‘get togethers’ for the coming week are noted below.
Please note that all get togethers are on LTSC Zoom 1 unless noted.

  • Morning Coffee – Monday, Wednesday and Thursday between 10 and 11am with various hosts.
  • The first and third Monday in the month will host “knit and natter” (other crafts welcome!). Thursday will continue with the popular theme “share a photo or picture and its story”.
  • Cruisers Chatter – Wednesday and Friday at 12 noon – Host Len Tuffill
  • Yoga – Tues and Thurs at 2 pm – Beginners and returners – Host and Teacher Ali Herbert (NOTE: NO YOGA ON Thursday 21st MAY)
  • Virtual Regatta Club Racing –


  • Sunday – meet on the virtual lawn at 10.25 am and races start at 10.30 am
  • Tuesday – ‘Girls Only’ – virtual regatta hosted by Hannah Snellgrove – meet on the virtual lawn at 8.00 pm and races start at 8.05 pm. LTSC Zoom Room 2 –
  • Wednesday – virtual regatta – meet on the virtual lawn at 8.00 pm and races start at 8.05 pm
  • Thursday – virtual regatta – meet on the virtual lawn at 8.10 pm and races start at 8.15 pm


  • Pilates – Thursday 6-7pm – hosted by Terry, our regular LTSC Pilates coach
  • RIB and general safety session – Thursday 7pm in LTSC Zoom Room 2 –  RIB and general safety session – Thursday –
  • Friday Quiz Night – Friday at 7pm – Quiz masters Pam and John Martin. LTSC Zoom Room 1 –
  • Kids@LTSC online – 9.30am May 16th and weekly thereafter.
  • Virtual Lower Deck Bar – as and when with times posted on social media – get your beer or wine and catch up – various hosts
  • RYA videos now being regularly updated including tips on esailing :

Lymington Town Sailing Club – Bridge Group

If there are any other LTSC members who wish to join our Social Bridge Group, please give a shout.


  • Tuesday 26th MAY 2020
  • Players will await their invitations to play at 10.00 & 11.30am.
  • It’s not necessary to have a partner you will be invited by our Hosts.


  • Thursday 28th MAY 2020
  • 10.00 & 11.30am.


  • Jean Buchanan & Sally Doran 37-28
  • David Codling & Peter Cameron 28-18
  • Miles Golding & Malcolm Buchanan 25-22


  • Sally Doran & Peter Cameron 42 – 3
  • Malcolm Buchanan & Andy Hyland 38 – 8
  • Mary Allin & Wolf Grabau 29 – 9

ENDEAVOUR Tournament: 28 /4

  • Mary Allin & Malcolm Buchanan 37-12
  • Sally Doran & Lynda Evans 30-22

CHALLENGER Tournament 21/4

  • Wolfgang Grabau & Malcolm Buchanan 38-5
  • Lynda Evans & Mary Allin 25-15.

However, you should have a sign-up BBO lesson before joining us, and of course, know how to play Bridge!

Stay alert and well

Bridge Co-ordinator
Lynda Evans:  07875 676098

Club Partners and Local Business
Given the current environment it is important that we support LTSC partners and local businesses as much as possible. With that in mind I’ll use these updates to provide some regular links and promotions where applicable. I’ve noted some details of these below:-

  • Nick Cox Chandlery. Our convenience store remains open from 8am to 1pm every day for food and groceries and in response to the government’s guidelines we have closed the Chandlery. Fear not however! If you require Chandlery, advice, splicing and quotes, we can still help! Please call us on 01590 673489, email or purchase as usual through our website  For all items we are offering a free local home delivery service in Lymington during this period.
  • Sanders Sails. Open for drop off and non face to face collections. Call 01590 673981.
  • Plants, Shrubs and Gardening supplies. Online ordering and delivery:
  • Wines, Spirits and Beers. Online ordering and delivery:
  • Fruit and Vegetables.  Phone order and delivery:
  • Coffee. Online ordering and delivery:
  • Orchids. Andy Burton, a club member, runs Double H Nurseries in New Milton who normally supply to supermarkets including M&S and Waitrose. They have some very good prices and can deliver anywhere in the UK, perfect to brighten up your ‘work from home desk’ or send to friends and family to cheer them up. All details can be found on their website
  • An amazing range of fresh foods, home cooked pies, delicatessen and much more. Please email or call 01202 482797 and we will send you our full product and price list of the items. Deliveries available.
  • Lanes of Lymington. Fine Dining Deliveries with a sample menu below. Dishes will be prepared cooked and delivered at an agreed time. 24 hour notice is preferred to check time availability. We are also catering for meals that are chilled. These can be re-heated for convenience or even frozen for future days. These include Fish Pie, Chicken Curry and rice, Cajun chicken, Salmon and Pork. Desserts are also available. Prices are subject to dishes chosen. All dishes will change from time to time so when an order is requested, I will confirm directly back. Payment can be either with credit card, bank transfer or cash, please call 01590 672777 for more information.