Return to Dinghy Sailing Guidelines

In response to the Slipway being re-opened the LTSC Executive has issued the following guidelines for those that wish to dinghy sail independently.

The emphashis is on personal responsibility and considering the impact on others:

  • Free sailing permitted for single handers, and double handers with crew from the same household.
  • No LTSC Safety Cover will be provided.
  • LTSC Clubhouse and Changing Rooms to remain Closed, so arrive ready to sail or change in the car park.
  • Recommended Social Distancing to be observed at all times.
  • Individuals to be responsible for assessing their ability to deal with prevailing weather & sea conditions.
  • Thoroughly check all equipment prior to launching to minimise risk of gear failure.
  • Rig in dinghy park space to minimise time spent on the slipway.
  • Observe instructions / guidelines from Lymington Harbour Master at all times.
  • Be self-sufficient on the Slipway. i.e. don’t rely on someone else taking your trolley.
  • two boats launching at any time. (allows 2 x single handers to assist each other), observing the LHC slipway “one-way system” markings
  • Advisory limitation to sailing area: within the confines of the River or immediate vicinity of River mouth i.e. between Royal Lymington Starting Platform to the East and Oxey Mark (‘C’) to the West and no further South than a line between these two objects.
  • All sailors to have a shore side contact who knows when to expect their return, and please notify that contact on return to prevent any unnecessary call-out of emergency services.
  • A Whiteboard outside the changing room to sign in and out. Please supply the following details: Boat Type / Sail Number, Full names of Helm & Crew, emergency contact Name and telephone number.
  • Crews to take either handheld VHF or mobile phone in waterproof bag afloat.
  • All boats to carry an alternative means of propulsion. i.e. Outboard Motor, Oars, paddle.
  • All boats to an adequate carry tow line. (Minimum 10mtrs)
  • Boats and equipment to be thoroughly washed off after use using club wash down facilities. (Hoses to be coiled neatly when finished).
  • Don’t attend the club or go sailing if you have symptoms of Covid-19.

In the event of a serious emergency whilst afloat please follow normal procedures i.e. making a Mayday call on Channel 16 or Calling 999 and asking for the Coastguard.

LTSC Executive 13.05.20