LTSC Update 22.04.20

An update and a few words from Tony

Hi all

Hope you all remain safe and well…..another week closer to normality!

Nothing significant to report with regard to operational matters after the successful hibernation of the club, with ongoing matters being handled via remote access to office. The Executive are now beginning to consider events and plans for when restrictions are lifted, although, until we know more details, this does remain difficult. We’ll ensure we keep you updated on this.

Just a reminder to those who have received their dinghy park invoices, we are now offering monthly or quarterly direct debits, so hopefully this will be beneficial to members wishing to spread the fee over the year. As previously noted we are in discussions with regard to disc charges and, if we do get any reductions, we will pass this back to each member with a dinghy park space. If any individual members are experiencing specific difficulties with regard to dinghy or membership fees you can drop me a line and we will review and assist where possible.

Various online activities continue to be a success and Friday’s quiz night, hosted by myself and Gary Stones, attracted approximately 80 participants. A few more comments on that below. Coffee mornings, Len’s cruiser chats and all the virtual sailing remain well attended, but we have now reduced the coffee mornings to Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

As a result of the excellent work being coordinated by Gareth, our new Rear Commodore Sailing, and Karl, a member of LTSC Exec, the club members, partners and friends are delivering superb support to local NHS, care homes and others in need. This effort was acknowledged in a recent post by the Town our local Mayor, Councillor Anne Corbridge. More details on latest plans on this subject from Karl below.

The next talk in our LTSC Zoom collection is by Pete Bruce, a regular speaker and the author of Solent Hazards amongst others The talk, covering his latest release of Solent Hazards, will take on Thursday 23rd April at 8.15pm. Suggest logging in at 8.10pm so you are ready and waiting. Talk is in LTSC Room 2 on Zoom,

So Gary Stones and I ran the quiz last week and given our towns of origin we asked for a northern theme which the participants actively joined in. Lots of flat caps, northern virtual backgrounds and derogatory comments about the North. I should at this point apologise to Gary, as I suggested it would be a good idea if we dress up and wear a bow tie. But, I never had any intention of doing this….and Gary did dress up…..with a Jacket….and a bow tie…..that was hand made by Mrs Stones. Sorry!

Gary was in charge of prizes which were primarily Warburtons bread, crumpets and pies (with the yellow reduced stickers removed). The prize for best Northern theme was won by the King family who wore flat caps and actually baked a real pie. Impressive!

The Everitts were also close but, lost points as Chris wore his flat cap back to front, looking more like a southern rapper than a real northern chap. The Fraser family also put in a big effort with various virtual backgrounds depicting northern images, but again had points deducted as they included Yorkshire Puddings….which is completely the wrong side of the Pennines for this quiz!

Rob Ward was also in the running with an original Miners lamp. Jean and Malcolm Buchanan looked stunning in flat caps….but Malcolm had to discard his half way through because he was too hot….something that does not happen in the North!

We did have a few challenges to the answers which we mostly batted back. There was a long debate about how many floors there are in the Scott Bailey office, as we had an answer of three. Rob Milledge protested vigorously arguing that he’d spent a lot of time in the basement…… however, there were some suggestions that this was before it became a Solicitors??

Despite Rob’s childish behaviour and protests, Marcia remained calm and civil and they went on to win. I wouldn’t hold your breath on getting the prizes by the way!

Was great fun and thanks to all for participating. Not completely sure who is hosting this Friday, but I am in negotiation with Gary for another themed quiz in the near future.

Finally, as always, a push to local businesses and partners, details of which are listed below. Do support them as much as you can.

Stay safe


Update from Karl

Will you be the first LTSC Virtual Club Champion?

We are proud to announce our inaugural eSailing Club Championship (28-30 April) with the winner being invited to represent LTSC at the RYA Club Spring Championships next month. We are also delighted to announce that our championship regatta will be sponsored by High Performance Coaching. For all the details including how to enter please click here.

Members and Friends of LTSC Respond to PPE crisis

Read our blog post about how our members are responding to current PPE crisis, this includes manufacturing laundry bags and 3D Printing Face Visors. We’ve had some great feedback from those we’ve managed to help so far and we’re still looking for people to offer practical help. To read the article click here to learn more.


The Plan for this week
The Club has set up an online video and video-conferencing account that all members can log into via PC or suitable mobile phone. We have two accounts set up, these being: –

LTSC Zoom 1: (note – password will be added to this from next Monday and update on Friday update)

Click on link:
Or via zoom App:     Meeting ID: 749 319 8579

LTSC Zoom 2:

Click on link:
Or via zoom App :     Meeting ID: 281 803 9925         Password: 967943

Planned ‘get togethers’ for the coming week are noted below.
Please note that all get togethers are on LTSC Zoom 1 unless noted.

  • Morning Coffee – Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 10am – Various Hosts
  • Cruisers Chatter – Wednesday and Friday at 12 noon – Host Len Tuffill
  • Yoga – Tues and Thurs at 2 pm – Beginners and returners – Host and Teacher Ali Herbert
  • Virtual Regatta Club Racing –


  • Sunday – meet on the virtual lawn at 10.25 am and races start at 10.30 am
  • Monday –  meet on the virtual lawn at 8.00 pm and races start at 8.05 pm
  • Wednesday – meet on the virtual lawn at 8.00 pm and races start at 8.05 pm
  • Thursday – meet on the virtual lawn at 8.10 pm and races start at 8.15 pm
  • Virtual Lower Deck Bar – as and when with times posted on social media – get your beer or wine and catch up – various hosts
  • Pilates – Thursday 6-7pm – hosted by Terry, our regular LTSC Pilates coach
  • Friday Quiz Night – Friday 24th April at 7pm – This week’s hosts TBC. LTSC Zoom Room 1 –
  • Thursday Talk – 8.15pm April 23rd, Pete Bruce, a regular speaker and the author of Solent Hazards amongst others. The talk, covering his latest release of Solent Hazards. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS IN LTSC Zoom 2 – details above
  • Marlow Rope Talk – Friday 24th, this Friday. Sign up in advance at:
  • Kids@LTSC online – 9.30am April 25th and weekly thereafter.

Coffee morning – Thursday 23rd April at 10am
Tomorrow we are planning a “Bring along and share a photo or picture” for this particular coffee morning. Those joining are encouraged to share one or more photos or pictures that they have on their computer that mean a lot to them. Instructions will be given on how to “share” on zoom.

Lymington Town Sailing Club – Bridge Group

Announcing our ENDEAVOUR Tournament:
Tuesday 28th April, 2020

Players will await their invitations to play at 10am & 11.30am. It’s not necessary to have a partner you will be invited by our Hosts.


  • Thursday 23 April,2020
  • 10am table – full –
  • 11.30 – places open

We have our WhatsApp Group – LTSC Bridge – however no chat whilst at play please! If there are any other LTSC members who wish to join our Bridge Group during these unsailable time please give a shout.

As you may appreciate we need even tables to play, so we shall increase our table to reflect our sign-ups. However, you should have a sign-up BBO lesson before joining us, and of course, know how to play Bridge!

Stay Safe and Well,
Bridge co-ordinator
Lynda Evans: 07875 676098

Other promoted activities – Paid activities

  • Hugh Styles Virtual Regatta coaching session

Great sessions and far more than an online racing game. Our medal winning Olympic coach Hugh Styles talks you through the race, helping you become a better tactician and strategist from the comfort of your armchair. One-hour sessions from as little as £5.

To join the coaching sessions, go to then use the following process:

  • Log in at the top of the page
  • Book online
  • VR inshore coached sessions – Book Now
  • In schedule pick the session you want e.g. 1200 24/4/20
  • On the right menu book a session or buy a pricing plan (this will then take you through to the Gold (10 sessions) and Silver (5 sessions) plan for multiple sessions)
  • We will then email you with the zoom meeting details and password.
  • Then log at the session time you book, and we will see you later for some coached fun.


  • The Gym Tin Online

Having received excellent reviews from multiple members we are adding The Gym Tin to our promoted activities. The package is £39 per month, but provides daily workouts, suggested menus and specific advice. Every sign up will also earn a free membership for any NHS employee.

Message from Lymington Town Council


Club Partners and Local Business
Given the current environment it is important that we support LTSC partners and local businesses as much as possible. With that in mind I’ll use these updates to provide some regular links and promotions where applicable. I’ve noted some details of these below: –

  • Nick Cox Chandlery. Our convenience store remains open from 8am to 1pm every day for food and groceries and in response to the government’s guidelines we have closed the Chandlery. Fear not however! If you require Chandlery, advice, splicing and quotes, we can still help! Please call us on 01590 673489, email or purchase as usual through our website  For all items we are offering a free local home delivery service in Lymington during this period.
  • Sanders Sails. Open for drop off and non face to face collections. Call 01590 673981.
  • Plants, Shrubs and Gardening supplies. Online ordering and delivery:
  • Wines, Spirits and Beers. Online ordering and delivery:
  • Fruit and Vegetables.  Phone order and delivery:
  • Coffee. Online ordering and delivery:
  • Orchids. Andy Burton, a club member, runs Double H Nurseries in New Milton who normally supply to supermarkets including M&S and Waitrose. They have some very good prices and can deliver anywhere in the UK, perfect to brighten up your ‘work from home desk’ or send to friends and family to cheer them up. All details can be found on their website
  • An amazing range of fresh foods, home cooked pies, delicatessen and much more. Please email or call 01202 482797 and we will send you our full product and price list of the items. Deliveries available.