Members and Friends of LTSC repsond to PPE Crisis

Since making the request for members with 3d printers to come forwards and help produce items to ease the current PPE crisis for frontline staff, we have had a small but very effective response.

Face Visors

Our friends at Greig City Academy, of Scaramouche Sailing Trust fame, have sent 100 face visors that they have made in their DT department for distribution in the local area, a big thanks to Jon Holt for organising that.  Sanders Sails have kindly offered to become a distribution hub for us, they have both delivery drivers and a large contact list of people in immediate need of help, so it made sense to give them the GCA visors to get to the people that need them the fastest. This complements the existing work they are doing to make scrubs and laundry bags, and we are in regular liasion with Peter and Chris Sanders.

Club Member George Richards has been using his time off from college to great effect and has produced over 50 face visors on his own 3d printer, helped along by a very generous donation from Sanders Sails of a roll of film to make the clear screens with. George’s visors have so far gone to Oakhaven, a local care home and a GP Surgery. Here is a short clip of his printer in action making the headband part of the visor.

We also received this fabulous feedback from a local care home on receipt of some of George’s visors:

Richard Paul Russell Limited have also been hard at work and have comandeered their printer to help the cause. Club member Richard Russell very kindly produced a batch that were immediately sent to a local care home whose supplies had run out and desperately needed a stop gap before there next orders of PPE arrived.

Laundry Bags

We have been inspired by the number of members who have turned their dining room into a sweat shop to help our NHS staff get the PPE they need and boy do they need it. So far members have been making the Togs bags for those workers who are coming into contact with Covid19 constantly. When they get home they can put their dirty scrubs or uniforms straight in to these bags and straight in the wash so that everyone else’s laundry is not infected.

We’re sure you will all join us in saying a massive thank you to Marion Ford-Hutchinson, Tricia Dunnet, June Baker, Joy Cameron, Jean Buchanan, Liz Glanville, Elizabeth Graham, Henrietta Knight, Chris Bunce and the others who have been in recent contact  who are currently sowing away.

What dining room table? photo: Richard Glanville


Bags packed and ready to go! photo: Elizabeth Graham


Please contact either Gareth Griffiths or Karl Thorne if you are able to offer practical help.