LTSC update 08.04.20

An update and a few words from Tony

Hi all

Hope you are all staying safe and well. Another interesting week at the virtual club, with virtual sailing, virtual bar pop ups, virtual exercising and our first virtual quiz. I jumped in as a host for this first quiz and although I am a complete novice, I did have the support of Paul Southworth who is a responsible adult and a reasonably experienced quizmaster.

The technology worked perfectly and all was going really well up to the end of the first round. It was at that point that I realised that I hadn’t saved the answers for round one. Not a problem, move on with other rounds (while Paul Googles the answers to the first round in the background). All ended up well with good banter and while we didn’t reveal scores, we did announce a first, second and third. Congratulations to John and Pam Martin who came first and are entitled to the first prize of nine toilet rolls.

I had a chat with Paul afterwards and he suggested that, based on the scores, he will ‘tone the questions down slightly for this Friday’. Which is diplomatic quiz language suggesting that the scores were rubbish ; ) So expect tweaking of questions to increase scores this week and we are also looking at how we can connect individuals and others into teams via phone.

This Friday’s quiz is being run by Paul and Simon and knowing these two, it will be a fun session. I have a pre-arranged family call and get together so can’t make that one. However, the following week the quiz will have some Northern spice added, as it is being run by myself and Gary Stones…one from Wigan and one from Bolton. In case you’ve not heard of these towns, both are very north of Lyndhurst. Looking forward to that…..expect anything!!

All other Zoom activities are progressing nicely with more and more members connecting in the various get togethers. We also have a brilliant Zoom presentation this Friday at 8pm from John Doerr, one of the World’s most eminent voices on racing rules. He will be offering tips and explanations as to how racing sailors could not only understand the rules better, but how they could apply those rules to assist them in avoiding trouble on the racecourse. Full details of this below.

We included a section last week promoting our partners and local businesses who are adapting to the lockdown rules. We are very keen to support these businesses as much as possible and will ensure that is included each week with any new additions. That is the case this week, with one of the new additions being This is a group of three local nurseries that are doing online ordering and deliveries, including Thursday and Friday of this week. So, if you are looking for flowers, plants or garden supplies…..this is your link!

Whilst we are naturally having to focus on the club and related activities, we should all be looking outwards and thinking about any way we can help others, be that friends, family, neighbours and anyone affected or directly connected to frontline support activities. There are discussions underway looking at how the club may be able to help in specific ways, but one particular initiative is the idea of using 3D printers to create the much-needed protective face masks for NHS and Care Home Staff. This is being pushed by club members, Karl Thorne and Gareth Griffiths and you can find more details on that below in the piece written by Karl.

Just for your information Paul Etheridge and I are checking in on all the LTSC team on a regular basis. All are well and looking forward to getting back to normal. We should also pass on our congratulations to Trish, our Catering Manager, who has added yet another certificate to the folder with the completion and passing of her Allergen Training Course online. Nice one Trish!

Under normal circumstances, I would now be up to my eyes co-ordinating sailing sessions at the club for around 100 children. Although that is not going to happen as normal, with the support of a qualified group of members, we will be delivering Saturday morning virtual sailing sessions for the kids@LTSC groups. Still working on the detail and start dates for this, but I am pretty confident this will be the best online sailing session for children, in the world! I love a bit of pressure : ) More details to follow.

When we do emerge on the other side of this lockdown, we will remain committed to supporting our local charities who will need our support more than ever before. The current supported charities include Oakhaven Hospice, Lymington Sailability, Olivia Inspires and Greg City Academy. I’m delighted that Nigel and Paula Burt have provided an update on the progress being made by Olivia Inspires, a charity set up in memory of their wonderful daughter. Read more on their update below.

Also, a very big shout out for Jon, the support team and all the students at Greg City Academy, who this week had yet more television coverage telling their story of the Rolex Fastnet Race and their experiences. It’s now available on BBC iplayer (My Life on CBBC channel) and it is an inspirational watch. Highly recommended. Note the inclusion of our hard working member Lou Johnson of BoxPR in the credits, who has been instrumental in the amazing coverage the Academy has received.

And finally,…. I mentioned last week that I think there will be some serious Zoom awards when we come out of the other side of this lockdown. So, I thought I would now start to post a few of my favourite contenders along with captions. Here we go:-

Caught during Friday quiz. Glenys showing ‘laser like’ focus on the screen and working through the questions……whilst Paul’s priority is getting into the second bottle of champagne.

Best virtual background so far goes to Declan C with his LTSC Solent Room Bar. Or is it virtual? …..we did have some keys that went missing last year!

We have had quite a few fancy dress appearances on camera, but the strange thing about this pic, is that Peter Barton’s family have told us that this is what he always wears when he’s at home!

Btw…I always get permission before posting any pics….fear not!

Keep safe!


The Plan for this week
The club has set up an online video and video-conferencing account that all members can log into via PC or suitable mobile phone. We have two accounts set up, these being: –

LTSC Zoom 1: (note – password will be added to this from next Monday and update on Friday update)

Click on link:
Or via zoom App: Meeting ID: 749 319 8579

LTSC Zoom 2:

Click on link:
Or via zoom App : Meeting ID: 281 803 9925 Password: 967943

Planned ‘get togethers’ for the coming week are noted below.
Please note that all get togethers are on LTSC Zoom 1 unless noted.

  • Morning Coffee – Monday to Friday at 10 am – Various Hosts
  • Cruisers Chatter – Wednesday and Friday at 12 noon – Host Len Tuffill
  • Yoga – Tues and Thurs at 2 pm – Beginners and returners – Host and Teacher Ali Herbert
  • Virtual Regatta Club Racing –
  • Sunday – meet on the virtual lawn at 10.25 am and races start at 10.30 am
  • Monday – meet on the virtual lawn at 8.00 pm and races start at 8.05 pm
  • Wednesday – meet on the virtual lawn at 8.00 pm and races start at 8.05 pm
  • Thursday – meet on the virtual lawn at 8.00 pm and races start at 8.05 pm
  • Virtual Lower Deck Bar – as and when with times posted on social media – get your beer or wine and catch up – various hosts
  • Quiz Night – Friday 7pm – This week’s hosts are Paul and Simon (nothing to do with Art Garfunkel). Paul was joint host in last week’s quiz and a regular quizmaster.
  • Friday Talk – 8pm April 10th, John Doerr Talk on the Racing Rules of Sailing via Zoom App – The Definitions of the Rules. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS IN LTSC Zoom 2 – details above
  • Pilates – this will be starting with Terry soon with dates and times to be confirmed.

Other promoted activities – Paid activities

Hugh Styles Virtual Regatta coaching session
Great sessions and far more than an online racing game. Our medal winning Olympic coach Hugh Styles talks you through the race, helping you become a better tactician and strategist from the comfort of your armchair. One-hour sessions from as little as £5.

To join the coaching sessions, click here then use the following process:
Log in at the top of the page
Book online
VR inshore coached sessions – Book Now
In schedule, pick the session you want e.g. 1200 6/4/20
On the right menu book a session or buy a pricing plan (this will then take you through to the Gold (10 sessions) and Silver (5 sessions) plan for multiple sessions)
We will then email you with the zoom meeting details and password.
Then log at the session time you book, and we will see you later for some coached fun.

The Gym Tin Online
Having received excellent reviews from multiple members we are adding The Gym Tin to our promoted activities. The package is £39 per month and provides daily workouts, suggested menus and specific advice. Every sign up will also earn a free membership for any NHS employee. For more information go to

Help for members
Just a reminder on this. If there are instances where members cannot get support and the club and/or volunteer members can help in any safe and practical way, we have set up Drop us an email with a contact number and we’ll get back to you.

Club Partners and Local Business
Given the current environment it is important that we support LTSC partners and local businesses as much as possible. With that in mind I’ll use these updates to provide some regular links and promotions where applicable. I’ve noted some details of these below: –

Nick Cox Chandlery
Our convenience store remains open from 8.00am to 1.00pm every day for food and groceries, and in response to the government’s guidelines we have closed the chandlery. Fear not however! If you require chandlery, advice, splicing and quotes, we can still help!

Please call us on 01590 673489, email or purchase as usual through our website For all items we are offering a free local home delivery service in Lymington during this period.

We are also running a Facebook photo competition to win a £100 Gift Voucher to spend on clothing, luggage or footwear. Full details are on our Nick Cox Yacht Chandlery facebook page, please click here.

Sanders Sails
Open for drop off and non face to face collections. Call 01590 673981.

Online store open and local deliveries available.

Plants, Shrubs and Gardening supplies. Online ordering and delivery:
Wines, Spirits and Beers. Online ordering and delivery:
Fruit and Vegetables. Phone order and delivery:
Coffee. Online ordering and delivery:


Friday Talk – April 10th 8pm – John Doerr Talk

The Racing Rules of Sailing via Zoom App – The Definitions of the Rules

This Friday, 10th April John Doerr, one of the World’s most eminent voices on racing rules, will be hosting an online sailing talk. Offering tips and explanations as to how racing sailors could not only understand the rules better, but how they could apply those rules to assist them in avoiding trouble on the racecourse.

By understanding the Rules fully, a sailor can effectively use that knowledge together with tactics and skill execution to avoid the protest room. Where there is probably only ever a 50:50 chance of winning a protest, to maybe not win more races, but definitely avoid losing a few.

John will begin with a recap on his previous talk to LTSC members by outlining why the Rules are important both in terms of being a performance issue, as well as setting a framework for behaviour and culture of the sport. John has a brilliant guide to simplify our understanding of the Rules. Secondly, John will look at the Rules definitions; example what is Mark Room, when should a windward boat keep clear.

John has a few scenarios that he will demonstrate online with the use of screen share on Zoom to explain situations and how the Racing Rules of Sailing should be applied.

To join you can click on the link below or join via the Zoom App’.

Clink on link :
Or via zoom App: Meeting ID: 281 803 9925 Password: 967943

Gareth Griffiths
Rear Commodore Sailing


Help the NHS and Local Care Homes

Can you help? Do you have a 3D Printer or Laser Cutter, or know anyone that does?

Do you have any PPE Equipment, particularly FFP3 masks?

In the UK, there is a widespread group of individuals, small businesses, schools and colleges that are putting their 3D printers and Laser cutters to work to produce much needed equipment to help front line staff where there are still clearly shortages.

Two of the items we know that are being well received are face visors and surgical mask relief bands. Details can be found below:

Protective visor

Surgical mask relief band

There are several initiatives to help bring together owners of printers and the people that are urgently in need of items, one of these is called “The Big Print”, others such as the 3D Printing Society are available to search online.

Alternatively, to enable a very fast response to local demand, we have found that making items and publicising what you have available works well, there are lot of people we all know on the front line or supporting services right now.

We know quite a few people involved in this across the country and that includes our friends at Greig City Academy in London, who judging by the photos below have been all over this for some time!


If you worried about anything on a technical level or where you might send items to then let us know. Otherwise just go for it!

Karl Thorne
LTSC Executive



Motocross coaching for the 2020 season for a young motorcycle racer; a camera for a video blogger and GCSE Photography student; riding lessons for a keen rider who is also a young carer; boxing equipment and membership to his local gym for an aspiring boxer. These are just a few of the things that local charity Olivia Inspires has recently provided to young people living all around the New Forest.

Following the tragic death of Lymington Town Sailing Club member, Olivia Burt her parents Nigel and Paula decided to set up a charity, Olivia Inspires to allow Olivia’s spirit to live on in the achievements of others. The charity assists young people aged 11 to 18 years, whose families are facing financial hardship and live in the New Forest district, by providing grants to help them develop their potential in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), the arts and sport.

Olivia Inspires was launched last October at the Club and there has been an incredible response to the initial fundraising, with a large number of individuals, companies and organisations coming forward with support for the charity. Nigel said: “We would like to thank everyone who has donated. We have been touched by people’s willingness to support Olivia’s charity. Perhaps this is because Olivia was so well known and loved by so many people; perhaps because of the awfulness of the tragedy that befell Olivia, and Paula and I as Olivia’s parents; perhaps because of the very real need for a charity like Olivia Inspires. Most likely it is for all three of these reasons.”

A steady stream of applications for support has been received via the Olivia Inspires website and the charity is now concentrating on developing and expanding the already established links with schools and youth organisations in the New Forest. The aim is to raise awareness of how the charity can help young people and increase the number of grant applicants. At the same time, a number of fundraising events are being planned which will secure funding for the increasing number of awards.

Applying for an Olivia Inspires award is really simple. There is an on-line form on the website which will take just a few minutes to complete and then the charity will do the rest.

If you would like to find out more about Olivia Inspires or if you know anyone who might benefit from an Olivia Inspires award, please visit the website by clicking here where you can also make online donations. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking here.


Thank you to John Martin for sending the photo below to us….
“My neighbour self isolating using his imagination in the garden.
Sad having a new toy, being unable to play. Guess the helmsman?”

If you have any photos or stories you would like us to publish, please email them to us by clicking here.