LTSC Update 24.03.20

An update and a few words from Tony

I’m hoping you are all coping as well as can be expected during this strange and ever-changing period. Our plan is to send out a newsletter each Tuesday and Friday, with any relevant updates, newsworthy items and hopefully some additional ideas, stories and articles that may help.

First to the factual updates and necessary actions based on latest advice and guidance from the Government:-

Firstly, I’d just like to advise that the Executive are meeting weekly via video conference to discuss and agree all Club matters as required, and this will continue for the foreseeable future.

Given the latest guidance as of last night we have moved to close the Club completely, with a view to setting up any remote access and working where required.

Apart from a weekly maintenance visit by one individual to check premises, run water, etc, the Club will be closed to all.

All other external operations and activities are suspended, including Monday Club and Bosun team, which were considering continuation of some duties.

We are working to implement the following initiatives and I will update further on times and access details on these on Friday:-

Virtual Regatta

We are planning to create some LTSC regattas online, which will be open to members and allow them to sail against each other in various events. Currently being worked on, but members can now sign up via the link here and get involved in the normal VR racing. We will advise via newsletter and Facebook on race dates and times.

Talks Online

We are planning to use zoom conference facilities to run talks and presentations, with the first one being Hugh Styles on Decision Making. Date, Start-time and the link will be sent out or posted as soon as we have that tested and set up. Any other ideas on speakers or content for these are welcome.

Online Conference ‘Get Togethers’

The Club has set up an online video and audio-conferencing account that all members can log into via PC or suitable mobile phone. We will test this over the next couple of days and release the times and dates on Friday newsletter.

Planned ‘get togethers’ are:-

Morning Coffee – Every day
Cruisers Chatter – Weds and Friday
Yoga and Pilates
Dinghy Chat and a drink – two evenings per week – get your beer or wine and catch up
Club Quiz Night – Every Friday (just planning the prototype on this)
Help for Members

Given the Government advice and planned provision for vulnerable members of society, it appears that most people can get access to support via friends, family, local groups and local councils. However, if there are instances where members cannot get support, and the club and/or volunteer members can help in any safe and practical way, we have set up which is the preferred point of contact. Alternatively, you can call the office number which we are hoping to get redirected this week.

So, we are doing all we can to ensure the Club operations are protected, employee’s safety and welfare is prioritised and we do all possible to help and maintain some club activity and connections for members. We look forward to moving the above initiatives forward and welcome any other thoughts or ideas that can be considered.

Our next priority will be to investigate all available Government support and possible insurance claims that are available to the Club, micro manage all costs, review how else we can help members and ensure we maintain the strongest possible base to build on when we do finally emerge from the current crisis.

Finally, I thought I would save the best until last. As many of you know Consuelo is due to retire in October of this year (could I possibly have a picked a worse year to take over???). Anyway, I have been in brutal negotiation with Consuelo for a couple of months now and we have come to an agreement….a lovely diminutive figure, but a ferocious negotiator 😉

Next year is the 75th Anniversary of the Club and our plan is to use the whole of the last week in May as a celebration, up to and including Bank Holiday on May 31st. I am delighted to confirm Consuelo has agreed to stay on in a full-time capacity, up to and including that week.

I think we also need to pass on our thanks to Consuelo’s husband Pedro, who says I owe him a pint! I did wonder if I bought him two pints would that mean Consuelo staying until December 2021? Not sure about that one! I am, as I know every member will be, absolutely delighted with this outcome. Thanks Mum!

Keep safe!