Weekend Wanderers

“Weekend Wandering” will take place monthly and is open to all LTSC members who wish to actively sail or motor sail. Skippers and crew will meet at 09:00 in the LTSC Lower Deck Bar. Skippers and crew will then be matched up and go off for the day. The tide and weather will normally dictate a preferred destination but it will be down to the individual skippers and their crew to decide where they go. As with Meandering VHF channel 77 will be used for boats to keep in touch with each other.

As always, skippers are responsible for all planning and decisions.

Sailing or motor sailing is the principle activity and will be of interest to members who wish to actively sail. As such all participants are advised to bring their own lunch along with their personal equipment of lifejacket, foul weather gear and sun protection.

To gauge levels of participation, both skippers and crew are required to show their wish to attend by completing a shared registration document as soon as possible but preferably one week before the event. This file will be found here and will show two lists of skippers first followed by crew.  The document will show the next three monthly outings. Against each of these outings skippers will show the number of crew places available net of any pre-agreed crew.

Crew will simply add a “1” against their name under each of the outings that they would wish to attend and it would be helpful to show your level of experience. For example: absolute beginner, some experience, competent crew (assist, helm and trim) or experienced sailor.

If your name does not appear in the document, simply add it at the bottom of the appropriate list.

As with Meandering, the availability of spaces relies on the goodwill of the skippers, no spaces are guaranteed. All members will be able to review the numbers of available spaces against the likely take up so clearly if there was significant over demand it would be unwise to travel a significant distance to the club.

The shared document will also show a current status statement to cancel any outing for whatever reason.

The registration file is best updated from a PC however if you use any other platform (phone or tablet) and have problems updating the document, please email stating the platform and operating system that is being used.