What is #TeamLymo?

What is #TeamLymo?

#TeamLymo was born in 2016 by a group of dinghy sailors from LTSC. It came about when a number of boats travelling from LTSC and RLymYC would turn up to the same event. Rather than being seen as two separate clubs, it was about showing solidarity and promoting sailing in Lymington.

Boats that travel on their national and international class circuits carry the #TeamLymo sticker, however this is not an exclusive club.

If you are a member of LTSC you are part of #TeamLymo. If you are a member of RLymYC you are part of #TeamLymo. Whether you are just starting out at Salterns or sailing around the world, sailors of all abilities and their families are part of the team.

Help us promote #TeamLymo, all we ask is the font is Comic Sans (yes, we know we could’ve chosen a better one) and that the capital T in Team and L in Lymo remain. The colour choice is yours!

Where has your #TeamLymo sticker travelled? Here are ones we are aware of:

  • A fair majority of UK sailing clubs
  • US
  • France
  • Rolex Fastnet Race
  • Volvo Ocean Race – Team Brunel
  • Panerai Cowes Class Week

If you are a member of LTSC or RLymYC you too can have a sticker. They will be available to purchase from Alastair, LTSC Sailing Secretary, dinghy size £2.00, keelboat £3.00.

Please use the hashtag on any social posts and also join #TeamLymo Sailors on Facebook here to share your sailing news.

If you would like the graphic file, please contact alastair@ltsc.co.uk and we can send this across.

Let’s get #TeamLymo trending.