Yacht Resources

The biggest resource in the club for yachtsmen to draw upon is its membership. We have expert round-the-cans racers, to globetrotting navigators. Many are prepared to help with invaluable help and support.  Like all clubs, the key is meeting them! This is best done by getting stuck in and finding out who's who, whether it be on the water, around the clubhouse, or electronically.   We all know this can be difficult, having been there ourselves at some stage in the past.  If we don't know the answer ourselves, we usually know somebody who does.

Feel free to contact the Cruising Captain for further assistance.

2010_club_pontoon_200x149The club has a 31m length of pontoon, situated at the southern end of the Harbour Master’s Pontoon, where any boats can tie up for short periods during the day, as long as there is space.  It also provides a facility for boats to be left overnight. There is a fresh water hose for topping up of tanks or washing down boats, sails and other gear.

Reservations for overnight stays must be made in advance,  to avoid disappointment as we are limited to 5 berths. Bookings can be made online at Online Pontoon Booking or by phone or email to the office.

There is a small dinghy available on the pontoon for members to use to access boats moored in the river.

We maintain excellent relations with our Harbour Master's team, who are always willing to provide assistance and information.

The Lymington Harbour website provides a wealth of useful information, including their contact information. 

For visiting rallies, there is the Dan Bran pontoon which can accommodate a large number of boats depending on their size.  Visiting yachtsmen are always welcome in LTSC, including rallies for set meals and social entertainment.

Diesel and petrol are available at the two local marinas

- Lymington Marina, approx 400metres up river from the club, on the end of C-Pier. Visit the Berthon website for more details.

- Lymington Yacht Haven, down river from the club, through the marina leaving F Pontoon to port.


Adjacent to the public slipway is an area for drying out over a low tide. It is possible to undertake repairs below the waterline including antifouling.

Contact the Harbour Office, as it is essential to book a place and charges apply.