Social Event Reports

2013 New Year's Party

The New Year's Eve party only ended a very few short hours ago as this being written and a proper report by the organisers will be provided next month. Suffice to say here that it was an excellent party. Somehow 90 people were seated for the buffet meal in the Solent Room whilst leaving the dance floor clear which provided an intimate atmosphere whilst eating and entertainment as people climbed in and out!! The dance floor was soon full too and continued so into 2014, a good time being had by all. After midnight a small raiding party led by Commodore Nick Ingram were seen heading across the car park with a bottle of whisky to go first-footing to our neighbours the RLym YC. Promises were extracted that they would reciprocate next year!

2013 Children's Christmas Party

We all survived the annual Children's Christmas Party! Thirty four youngsters from the ages of 3 upwards filled the Solent Room with cheers, laughter and a few gasps too.

santarickCarolyn was fantastic creating games for the entire crowd, then our Club's regular jester, Stuart Fell, appeared in his multi-coloured outfit........with bells on! The children were captivated by his magic tricks and stories of old.

After tea, all the children knew they had to line up and behave to make their way to meet Santa in his white and sparkly grotto.

Every child was welcomed by Santa with a cheery ' Have you been good this year?'

Of course every single one replied that they had, except one who said she wasn't sure ! Santa reassured her he thought she had been good, and gave her her pink present.

Many thanks to Kathy Hammett and her team, and special thanks to our Vice Commodore, Mr Rick Underhill who was superb as Santa...we all believe again now !

2013 Murder Mystery Evening

The Captain of the SS Better Knot personally welcomed guests aboard for what promised to be the cruise of their lives - except for one passenger, for whom it would be the last cruise of her life.

Gathered in the bar, guests mingled with a number of larger-than-life characters whilst they were entertained by lounge singer, the elegant Lisa. Suddenly screams were heard above the sound of her soulful jazz and the noise of chatter and clinking glasses; it was announced that a murder had been committed!

During an enjoyable dinner, cruise guests were also fed genuine and misleading clues with bluffs and counter-bluffs on the side regarding the identity of the murderer.  All the suspects were thoroughly grilled between courses. Following coffee and much head-scratching the time came to identify the culprit.

Congratulations were well deserved by the dramatis personae – Rick Underhill was sterling as the disciplinarian Captain Lew Knot;   Penny White played the thoroughly annoying and constantly-complaining wealthy widow Ada Tobed who, as it turned out, was the murder victim;   Mary Reay was convincing as an unmistakably Welsh ship’s tours director, Marina Berth; Roger Monck skilfully portrayed the unloved seedy gambler Paul Ouser who went too far, much too far, in his search for wealth;   David Burgess acted as the love-smitten yet suspiciously confident head chef, Russel Sprout, and Marion Ford Hutchinson was persuasive as the ambitious yet unproven on-board songstress, Sarah Naid.   Special mention has to be made for the brilliant performance turned in by new Club member Tricia Dublon in her portrayal of the flamboyant and flirtatious chamber maid, Eileen Dover.   The MC was Mike Pomeroy, who simultaneously guided and misled guests with enviable panache.

The sold-out evening was a great success and gratitude was paid to members of the Social Committee and others who assisted Pam Morrissey in arranging this event. Finally, proceeds amounting to £256.00 from an onboard raffle were donated to Julia’s House a children’s hospice.

2013 Trafalgar Night

The Annual LTSC Trafalgar Dinner was once again celebrated in grand style.  All members and guests enjoyed an excellent 3 course dinner followed by an after-dinner speech given by David Burgess on aspects of Horatio Nelson, the man, and his Ships.  This proved to be most interesting with David researching the subject so well and delivering the talk so effortlessly. It was a priviledge to be part of the audience.