Social Event Reports


Saturday night saw the welcome return of The Hobos to LTSC when they performed at the very successful Sailors’ Social in the Solent Room. Steve West bought along five members of the co-operative this time, and they played a couple of sets of folk music during the evening, making sure to slip Lymington references into some of the lyrics, in the best tradition of country songs.

Patrick and the galley team fed us with tasty basket meals, well up to his standards from previous functions. Dinghy sailors have their reputations to uphold, and so Consuelo and Chris were kept busy throughout happy hour and the rest of the evening at the bar.

It was a good night to catch up with friends after a busy winter program. The Perishers Series seems a long way away now that we are into the Early Spring Series, and there was lots of chat about the four races that had been contested. The talk also included discussions about new dinghies bought and sailed (not just Aeros!), as well as plans and projects for this season, and teams being formed for the coming campaigns.

It was a good party, and let's hope for a great season of sailing at the Lymington Town Sailing Club in 2015. See you on the Solent.

Clare Sleigh


Race Night Report, Saturday 28th February.

Saturday night arrived, and we were off. Race Night had started, and 40 people sat down for drinks and a basket meal supplied by Patrick and his team. The chicken was perfectly cooked, still moist and tasting delicious. This is what the club kitchen does so well, using fresh ingredients where possible to create simple, tasty dishes for us at the Town.
After supper Simon Ward took to the mike to get the racing started and introduce Laura who was helping to run the Tote. Simon explained the system for placing bets and collecting the winnings, which people may or may not have understood, depending on how many drinks had been had at supper. As the queue formed to place bets for the first race, Andrew Parrish took us through the form guide for the Panto Stakes. A prearranged signal alerted John Bell to start the race video, and we settled in to watch the horses run on the all weather surface at Wolverhampton. Suddenly, people began to realise why they had come, as the £1 bet on ‘your’ horse enabled them to have a stake in the result of the race, and the noise level and cheers when the winner came in quite raised the roof on the Solent Room.
The rest of the night ran without a hitch, as we watched and bet on 8 races in all, while Andrew regaled us with facts about race courses in Yorkshire ( 13 ), the landscape at Lingfield, and which horses were the most fancied for each race. John kept to time using the wonderful computer program that Neil Eccles had put together for the night. It worked perfectly, and John didn’t reveal any winner’s name until after each race had been run.
It was a fantastic, fun night, with some people having multiple bets on each race which obviously increased their chances of winning. And win they did, with rumours of people who had had more winners than losers, and some even taking home some of their winnings at the end of the night. The evening has raised a large amount to go towards club funds.
Obviously a good night takes a huge amount of planning and organisation, and this effort was led by Simon with able support from Harriet, Suzanne, Jayne and both the guillotines in the LTSC office. Race Night has supplied all the elements for a good night out: food, friends and fun. Thank you to all who came and got involved. See you next year?

Clare Sleigh

The club Burns’ Night Celebration took place on Friday 30th January this year. The Scottish theme was indicated by the Saltires on the walls and tables, as well as by the kilts and tartan sashes worn by some of the partygoers.

It was an evening that mixed the traditional theme with revolutionary new ideas, as Andrew Doig, our guest host for the evening, had abridged Tam O’Shanter. The Selkirk Grace was said before the haggis was paraded through the party by Patrick, who held it aloft on it’s platter for all to see. Andrew gave it a full bellied address, and there were audible gasps as he plunged the club’s dirk into the haggis and spilled it’s entrails upon the platter. Patrick had cooked a mighty beast for us to eat, with bashed neeps and champit tatties; along with fish for the more sleekit, cow’rin, tim’rous beasties who drew the line at haggis.

After supper and the immortal memory, Jim Sey gave the Toast to the Lassies. It a visually made sense to half the party, but (as a woman) I'm not sure he had got all his facts right. However Eileen Sey was able to redress the balance with her wonderful Reply for the Lassies, using wit and grace to explain how things really are. I'm sure Jim had a perfectly lovely night on his boat!

Tam O’Shanter, even in truncated form is a joy to hear spoken. But once the dancing started, even the most “honest men and bonie lasses” were turned into warlocks and witches by the strathspeys and reels. It wasn't auld Nick, but John Bell (who had taken charge of the AV for the night) who gave us the music, and we danced with “mettle in our heels”; which was why it was a miracle that there were no injuries reported on the night, even after Strip the Willow.

“But pleasures are like poppie spread, you seize the flow’r, it’s bloom is shed”, and all too soon it was time to leave. It was a great evening and as always it was thanks to Consuelo, Patrick and their teams for the food and drink, and Chris Barr and Mary Reay who looked after the organising. I look forward to next years with anticipation.

Clare Sleigh (with apologies to Robert Burns)

The best party of the year, LTSC’s New Year extravaganza, did not disappoint and all those who attended, welcomed 2015 in style.  Maggie & Brian Wheeler, together with John Bell added the wow factor which transformed the Solent Room.  A stylish silver curtain fringed the renowned “Goodfoot Band”, who quickly had members dancing the night away.  The five piece band entertained members with a range of instruments, including the lively female lead, who played the saxophone when she was not singing. Patrick and his team served a choice of traditional Scottish steak pie or salmon wellington, followed by a delicious sherry trifle.  To the chimes of midnight at the end of this truly memorable evening, cerise and silver balloons rained down from the ceiling as members sang Auld Lang Syne.