Social Event Reports

Sunday  28th   August  2016  dawned  with  low  cloud  and  a  high  wind,  in  typical  Bank  Holiday  weekend fashion. But this year's Bath Race with 11 baths entered really helped to dispel the gloom and brought real cheer to the afternoon.

John Bell’s trusted team were on hand in the morning to set up on the club lawn, and tents for  the  BBQ  and  Ringwood  bar  were  soon  erected.  Going  for  Gold,  Jeremy  Havers’  and  Aaron  Henson’s  bath  had  been  on  the  lawn  for  most  of  the  weekend  with  its  enormous  
Union  Jack  flying  jauntily  in  the  wind,  and  they  were  rewarded  with  a  fourth  place  in  the races as well as the Early Bird prize.

BUBBLES arrived soon after, and final tweaks were made to their secret weapon of a bubble machine  which  impressed  at  judging  time  by  using  the  judges  favourite  flavour  of  bubbles,  Pomegranate. Who knew? But their ingenuity won Mat and Jimmy King the Best Newcomers prize.  VINNEY’S  ARK  highlighted  the  plight  of  endangered  plush  animals.  Crew  Joanna Underhill and Vince Hornsby put in some last minute race prep at the Ring wood Tent, but it wasn't   enough   to   see   them   through   to   the   final.   They   received   the   prize   for   Best Environmental Bath. VIKING VICTORIOUS, rowed by Sophie and Benjamin Briscoe, was a beautiful  racing  bath  built  as  a  Viking  longboat.  It  was  durable  enough  to last  unblemished  throughout all the heats, which may be due to the fact it is a metal bath not plastic, and they won the Concours d’Elegance.

Racing  started  promptly  at  1pm  in  the  Sea  Water  Baths,  and  massive  thanks  must  got  to Hugo for again allowing the event to be held there. It is the perfect venue with safe bathing conditions and allows for easy viewing from the sea wall and club. BATH ROVER, a tribute to  British  ingenuity,  had  been  manufactured  at  the  last  moment,  and  used  2  baths  to  accommodate  Felix  Scott  and  Sam  Wakeley.  There  was  some  questions  about  the  legality of  their  entry,  but  the  judges  overruled  the  protest  due  to  the  superior  sailing  skills  being  displayed,  and  awarded  them  Constructors  Prize.  BATHVADER,  rowed  by  Annabelle  and  Oliver  Vines,  set  the  early  standard  by  winning  their  first  and  second  round  heats  to  get  to  the final. They were unlucky to be third in the final, but won Best Upcycled Bath for reusing Rita to great effect.

BATHY McBATHFACE turned up, of course, crewed by Captains Morgan and Crunch, who are  also  employed  by  the  Sea  Water  Baths.  The  discovery  at  the  last  moment  of  a  large  crack in the bath did not stop them racing, but might have contributed to their early capsize and  attempt  to  walk  the  bath  to  the  finish.  Not  placed  in  the  race,  they  still  won  Best  Bath Name. However, Best Capsize was won by the BELMORE BELLES. Jackie Fergueson and Tina  Chambers,  who  despite  being  assured  that  their  bath  was  unsinkable  because  of  its construction,  sank  at  the  rounding  mark.  The  judges  strongly  suspect  they  have  a  case under the manufacturers warranty. Dan  Howell  and  Will  Scoones  again  entered  a  fantastic  bath,  which  really  benefitted  from some early river tests. Their TOUR DE LYMINGTON involved powering their bath with bike driven paddles, and was surprisingly effective despite the high winds that effected this year's racing.  They  won  Best  Technical  Innervation  for  their  bath,  narrowly  beating  THREE PIRATES AND A MERMAID, which consisted of 2 baths in tandem, allowing for 4 paddlers for extra power. The crew of Ben and Tom Rees, Ava and Zach Harrison ranged in age from 14  to  7,  but  rowed  strongly  throughout  the  heats  and  were  2nd  overall,  managing  to  get  plenty  of  speed  out  of  their  baths  through  the  water.  They  were  spotted  on  the  slipway  on  Saturday  in  some  early  testing  (see  FB),  but  any  problems  had  been  fixed  by  race  day  thanks to the service team.

This  year's  winners  of  the  prestigious  Golden  Bath  were  Bernie  and  Kez  Wilkins  in  BELMORE  BOLT.  Bernie  suffered  personal  injury  when  he  drilled  his  thumb  during  the  manufacture of Belmore Belles, but recovered with the ‘support’ of his family and friends to compete this year for the first time. Despite getting a slow start in the final (the starter might have  cheated  a  bit)  they  were  in the  lead  around  the  mark,  and  showed  the  other  baths  a  clean set of overflows at the finish line.It was another joyous and action packed Bath Race at the club this year, and huge numbers of  club  members  gave  generously  of  their  time  to  make  it  an  outstanding  success  again.  Many thanks came from the competitors who all had a wonderful time, and left tired but full of beer or chocolate. Please look out for the photos on the club Facebook site, Telltales, and local press, and see you next year.

Clare Sleigh

2016 bath race pics 



There are members at LTSC who won't let a chance to celebrate pass them by, so throw in an opportunity to dress up and a party is assured. The dress code for Saturday 23rd was medieval, or , for those less inclined to theatricals, red/white/blue. The banquet served up in the Solent Room consisted of chops, chickens and haunches of mastodon for the peasants to gnaw on. The galley staff entered into the spirit and dressed for the event, as well as Jane Faulkener who organised the whole event.stg2

Between courses our Regent Rick (Underhill) crowned Consuelo as his fair Queen of Clubs, whereupon she was given a seat of honour at the top table…..just before getting back to her element at the bar and keeping a careful eye over us all. Sir ‘Lancelot’ Stacey gave us a grace as ‘Friar’ David Burgess was confined to his seat by ailment and infirmity.

StG1The entertainment was led by Marion Ford Hutchinson with bawdy songs and doggerel verses from her company to delight the assembled yeomanry. So, the evening closed with the satisfied peasants leaving repeat and happy for another year.

Live music always makes for a good evening and Cinnamon Jazz’s return to LTSC was no exception.

Once again they entertained us with their enthusiastic performance and lead singer Julia’s subtle vocals. It made the perfect opportunity to eat and drink with friends whilst enjoying the jazz club atmosphere.   

IMG 0009 

The Solent Room was filled for this year’s Race Night Extravaganza on Saturday 12th March. Simon and Laura ran the tote and calculated the payouts for the lucky winners after each race had been run. Andrew was the commentator, and regaled us with his erudite observations about racing during the evening. John Bell managed the AV for me with his usual competence, and we managed to keep the results of each race a secret until after the horses had passed the finish line throughout the evening.

There was a competition for best Ascot hat which was comprehensively won by Lindsay Podger, who wore a stunning creation of feathers and taupe coloured straw for the event. My rather less lovely straw hat turned out to be a lucky mascot, and was worn for the evening by Declan Clamp to bring him good fortune and a winning streak.

Many thanks to all of you who attended, and made this event such a success.

Clare Sleigh