Social Event Reports

Sunday 2nd August saw the LTSC involved with the Bath Race, raising money for the RNLI, and an Open Day, so it was going to get busy with the Newtown Race to be sailed as well. We never do anything by halves at this club.

John Bell had been working on the organisation for the Bath Race for some time, and had a band of dedicated helpers to take the strain. Mark Lanigan had a foot in both Bath Race and Open Day camps, and had made sure the events were advertised in the paper and on boards around the town, with our distinctive blue colour scheme prominent on the roadside posters as well as banners on the Club’s balconies.

So the Club lawn waited expectantly for the onslaught, which started with the erection of the Ringwood sponsored beer tent and the BBQ. The LTSC Book Club were also setting up a book stall to raise money for the RNLI. The space would have been very overcrowded as the baths began to turn up, but kindly the dinghy racers were rigging in their spaces and making do with the limited space in the dinghy park and car park. As the dinghies left to join the yachts and race to Newtown, the club members who were left were expectantly waiting for the crowd.

The entertainment at this stage was centred on Felix Scott and Sam who spent the morning decorating their entry for the afternoon race, but soon enough the lawn was filling with baths. The Twiggs, also known as Alice and Henry Wood, had returned with their racing machine, and club members Sean and Jo Ward had brought Aqua Bubble 2 to compete with top crew Holly and Felix.


The RNLI entered their standard couple of lean racing machines, in contrast to Dan and Will’s beautiful but fragile Little Yellow Sub which was complemented by their Sergeant Pepper costumes in tribute to The Beetles.


A final entry called Walking the Plank was paddled across to the race by the lifeguards at The Lymington Sea Water Baths.


The baths were full to bursting, with people standing on the sea wall to watch as well. Caroline Scott took on the role of logistics, ensuring that the baths raced where and when they should, except the RNLI who yet again set about causing mayhem in the pool. Carolyn Ingram gave us a wonderful commentary throughout the racing and the prize giving, which really tied the event together and gave it a really professional feel. The Lymington Times gave a page to the coverage which was great publicity for the event, with some wonderful photos and copy.

So many Club members were involved behind the scenes, and the event was again a great success, raising money for the RNLI, and introducing people in Lymington to our Club. John Bell can take a massive bow for yet again leading the team that served up this year’s successful Bath Race.

Clare Sleigh

All photos by Mark Lanigan

Saturday 11th July saw the cream of south west Hampshire society at play in Hurst Castle. Well, some of the hardier Club members who had decided to go to the LTSC Summer Ball. Five minutes after the ferries were scheduled to leave, the Club bar was still bursting with party goers, fortifying themselves for the journey. In the end everybody was aboard for the epic sea voyage to Hurst Spit. I'm sure you have heard all the tales about the trip from the club pontoon in Force 6, wind-against-tide conditions, but suffice to say I felt a lot safer when John Stacey was seen on the bridge, advising the captain. 

Piper2We were greeted by a piper, and a glass of Prosecco to calm the inner party goer. Consuelo was looking beautiful in her party dress, and she and David were flattened in the stampede to the bar.


 They had taken all the essential supplies over to Hurst in the morning, but they had considered the drinking patterns of the members, and so there was all the alcohol that a party could need, and some water as well.

Mary, Maggie, Brian, Karen, John, Suzanne, Cliff and Jacob had done an amazing job setting up the dining room in the keep, and it was a magical scene that greeted us.


Patrick, Fay, Buddy, Abi and Matt were waiting to serve supper from a room across the courtyard.

The team had excelled themselves with the food, the delicious salads and the pudding strawberries.

Finally we went upstairs for dancing to the disco rhythms of Dorsal Fin.

I was not the only one to throw some serious moves on the dance floor, being joined by most of the other party goers. Suzanne, Abbie, Heather and Beckie were some of the most notable, but Simon, Eva and their guests more than held their own.

The dance floor was packed for the rest of the night, while the disco-divas and rhumba-romeos held sway.

Everybody was taken back via Keyhaven and coaches to drop us back at LTSC. There was some serenading on the coach I was on, and you will be grateful that eTelltales hasn't found a way to record sound as well as pictures, my singing being only slightly worse than my dancing.

It was a great party, with massive thanks to Mary Reay and Suzanne Blackman for organising and coordinating the event. We will look forward to seeing you all next year, when we are celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Lymington Town Sailing Club. PARTY ON!

Clare Sleigh



A great time was had by all 80 guests who attended the annual LTSC St. George’s Night Supper on Saturday 25th April..

Patrick served a good traditional dinner of roast beef, followed by apple crumble. Members were then treated to a very special evening of home grown entertainment drawn from the club membership.

Tim Burkinshaw began the proceedings with 3 north country humorous songs and ended with the audience singing “Sweet Low Sweet Charity”.

This was immediately followed by the Morris Mariners dancing their new routine that concluded by plaiting ribbons round the maypole to the tune of “The Archers”.

 2015 04 25 21.27.54reduced

The dance was carried out to a high standard, and with great enthusiasm from the team which included 4 Exec members, Nick Ingram, David Burgess, Chris Barr, and Chris Everitt plus Tony Cowell, Martin Bevan, John Bell and Roger Monck. The choreographer for this fine event was Tricia Dublon who managed to make these gentlemen look good on the night. Thank you Tricia, a tall order.

Also thank you to Rick Underhill, Neil Eccles for making the Archers theme tune possible and the dance music itself. Brian Wheeler and John Bell made the maypole which stayed in position for the event, quite an achievement. Thank you.

Mary Reay


Saturday night saw the welcome return of The Hobos to LTSC when they performed at the very successful Sailors’ Social in the Solent Room. Steve West bought along five members of the co-operative this time, and they played a couple of sets of folk music during the evening, making sure to slip Lymington references into some of the lyrics, in the best tradition of country songs.

Patrick and the galley team fed us with tasty basket meals, well up to his standards from previous functions. Dinghy sailors have their reputations to uphold, and so Consuelo and Chris were kept busy throughout happy hour and the rest of the evening at the bar.

It was a good night to catch up with friends after a busy winter program. The Perishers Series seems a long way away now that we are into the Early Spring Series, and there was lots of chat about the four races that had been contested. The talk also included discussions about new dinghies bought and sailed (not just Aeros!), as well as plans and projects for this season, and teams being formed for the coming campaigns.

It was a good party, and let's hope for a great season of sailing at the Lymington Town Sailing Club in 2015. See you on the Solent.

Clare Sleigh