There are a wide range of ways you could help the Club and your fellow members not to mention have a great time volunteering. Some roles may benefit from your experience at work, others might use your skills in other ways and we have roles for people with a few hours a week to spare to others which only need a few hours a month. But every volunteer will be playing a vital part in making the Club a better place for members
Why do we need volunteers?

The philosophy of LTSC has always been that of a volunteer club. It is run and managed by its members through a committee headed by the Commodore, and while there are employees in the office and servicing the Bar/Galley the majority of the work is undertaken by volunteers – in fact without volunteers there would be no organised racing or social programme. While we don’t insist on members volunteering, we do expect some contribution from all members to do their share of duties either on the water or onshore.

How much time do does being a volunteer take?

The time required varies by the role, and we’re happy if you want to ‘job share’ so you can help by giving any time you have however small. Some jobs are seasonal like getting Baverstock ready for next season, others are projects like painting and decorating and some are regular commitments like being a duty officer or rescue boat crew.

If you’d like to help
If you are newly joined then you will be asked to indicate what areas interest you, this will be supplemented by a twice yearly Open Morning where both the general interest areas will be represented but also specific roles we’d like help with like sponsorship management, or dinghy maintenance. Alternatively if you check the volunteer section on the web site you will find a summary of opportunities available, and contacts, which will be updated from time to time as requirements change. Otherwise please contact an Executive or other Committee member or let the Office know and someone will be in contact with you.

We’d like to think you can either bring your experience to help the Club or learn all sorts of new skills by helping out. It’s a great way of meeting people, making friends and most importantly having fun.

Here is a summary of opportunities currently available at the Club >>>